Windows Host Process RUNDLL32

Windows Host Process RUNDLL32

To load and execute 32-bit DLL files, Windows provides the Rundll32 program. Files of this type contain both data and code, and are frequently shared between different Windows applications.

It can be challenging to determine what caused a notification to appear on one of your workplace computers stating that Rundll32 has ceased operating. There may be an issue with the Rundll32 tool, a faulty DLL, or the program that is trying to use the DLL.

Sometimes, malicious software that attempts to disguise itself as a legitimate Windows process would use a filename that is identical to that of a legitimate system utility, such as the Rundll32 utility.

Windows Host Process RUNDLL32

What is Host Process RUNDLL32

The Windows DLL (dynamic linked library) file launcher, rundll32.exe, is an essential component of Microsoft Windows. For instance, if you’re running a Windows app that requires a DLL, you can use rundll32.exe to make that DLL available to your program.

If you disable rundll32.exe, it’s probable that many features of Windows and many Windows programs won’t work since a Windows DLL library contains code that can be used by more than one program on Windows at the same time.

Why does rundll32.exe Access the Network?

From Austin, Texas, USA, we were able to determine that rundll32.exe communicates with a server that appears to be under Microsoft Corporation’s control via the GlassWire application.

There was no other.exe-related network activity that we could find. We think rundll32.exe communicates with So that you can control how data is sent and received from each of your computer’s clients.

It appears that your DNS server is doing this traffic control so that your computer and programs may function normally.

How to Fix Windows Host Process Rundll32.Exe Errors?

These are the solutions to fix the error windows host process rundll32:

Solution 1: Change Folder Options settings

Step 1: Launch the computer’s Settings menu and choose whether you want to see the menu’s icons in tiny size or large size.

Step 2: Pick out Custom Folder Settings. To modify how File Explorer handles folders, go to View > Folder Options.

Step 3: To permanently disable thumbnail previews and only display icons, select the View tab in the new window that has opened.

Step 4: To save the changes, select Apply then OK.

Step 5: Attempt a system restart to see if it corrects the problem.

Solution 2: Restore to the Previous State

It’s possible that “Windows host process (Rundll32) has ceased working” appeared after you installed new software or installed a new driver. It has been reported that this problem occurs after installing QuickSet, the Realtek audio driver, or Sound Blaster.

So, to solve the issue, you need to revert to the prior condition. It’s possible that removing the following programs will help:

Step 1: To bring up the Run dialog, hit the Windows logo key plus R on your keyboard.

Step 2: Just hit OK after typing appwiz.cpl.

Step 3: Find the most recent program you installed and click “Uninstall” to remove it.

Step 4: Start your machine back up.


When an error appears upon system boot, it might be annoying. When users saw “Windows host process (Rundll32) has ceased operating,” they likely felt this way. There are solutions available if you run into this problem, so don’t panic.

To learn how to resolve the “Rundll32 has stopped” issue on Windows 10, continue reading this post. But first, let’s examine the issue in greater detail to figure out what’s causing it.


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