5 Best Video Chat Apps for Android


    This age of digital networking helps us connect to our loved ones more efficiently. One of the major things it has made easier is being able to connect with people on a screen very smoothly.

    Texting and calling serve the purpose but sometimes you need to associate a face with the voice. Especially in this pandemic, when most people have to quarantine themselves away from their loved ones, video calling has become essential in our lives.

    Video calling is as simple as selecting the contact and hitting the button (given you have an active account). It can be done by anyone no matter how technologically challenged the person is.

    You can do this on multiple platforms like your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.All you need is a good internet connection and a smart device!Here is a list of the 5 best video chat apps for Android.

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    5 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

    1. Google Duo

    Google Duo is a really simple video calling app – you log in, verify your number and you’re all set. It is also possible to video call other Google Duo users like you’re making a normal phone call. Very much like FaceTime.

    It has a unique feature called “Knock Knock” which lets you see what other users are up to before you call them.

    It is absolutely free and is available for both iOS and Android with a desktop version rumored to come soon. You can purchase additional items like emojis or sticker packs in the app later if you wish to do so.

    2. Kik

    Kik is another very popular video chatting app. Ideally a texting app, it has video calling features as well. Moreover, it also supports different media files like images, videos, GIFs, etc., along with sticker packs and is mainly popular among the gaming community.

    Unlike WhatsApp or Google Duo, Kik doesn’t ask for your phone number. All you need is a unique username and you can start using its services.

    It is also very appealing to the eye as it has a lot of colors and doodling involved. The interface is very fun and overall it’s a great app for communication over video.

    3. Skype

    A very established name in the video calling community, Skype is popular for a reason. Not only does it allow you to hold a call with up to 25 people, but it also features a free text chat.

    Microsoft and Facebook account integration, and normal calling with a nominal fee. It is available on most platforms, including PC, and while the app still needs a little work, it is constantly upgraded and improved.

    4. Viber Messenger

    Viber began as a voice calling app that let people make calls, either normally or through the app. Since then, it has developed into a proper messaging app – you can make phone calls (for a fee), text, video calls, etc.

    It has additional in-app purchases for sticker packs. All interactions on the app, be it text, voice, or video, are encrypted and it offers a “hidden chat” feature as well.

    A little bit heavier than Facebook Messenger, it is still a fantastic app. Although not very popular in the United States, it has a dedicated userbase internationally.

    5. WhatsApp

    Boasting over a billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps ever. Started as just a text chat service, it has since evolved drastically.

    It has incorporated more features like video and voice calling in its service, thus, making a name for itself. It is a pretty stable app and is also an industry requirement in most places.

    WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook and although that makes us doubt its privacy policies a bit, it is still a good app for basic communication.

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    To conclude, there are always more apps out there that offer similar features but these are the 5 best ones based on our research. We hope you find one that suits you best.


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