There Was a Problem Starting C Windows System32 Logilda DLL

There Was a Problem Starting C Windows System32 Logilda DLL

It’s common for Windows 10 devices to display error messages there was a problem starting c windows system32 logilda dll shortly after powering on, resuming from sleep, or restarting.

Sometimes, after a Windows 10 device has been activated and made useable for a few minutes, the user will see the LogiLDA.dll warning pop up if the computer is particularly old or has multiple processes going at once.

There Was a Problem Starting C Windows System32 Logilda DLL

Solved: “There Was a Problem StartingWindows System32 logiLDA.dll” Error

Windows 10 desktops, laptops, and tablets are the primary target audience for this issue and its fixes. However, users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 may find this article helpful. there was a problem starting c windows system32 logilda dll errors manifest similarly and have same fixes across these OSes.

Method 1. Restore the LogiLDA.dll File

Unfortunately, DLL files are vulnerable to corruption, disappearing, and deletion. There are a plethora of resources online to assist you locate, download, and install a new.dll file. To resolve the issue, get the LogiLDA.dll file from a reliable download site.

Do not download.dll files unless you are sure of the lawfulness of doing so in your jurisdiction. The DMCA and similar rules make it risky to acquire DLL files from a third-party website in many countries, including the United States.

Step 1: Open up in your preferred web browser. If you need to download some DLLs, you should only utilize this site.

Step 2: Find the LogiLDA.dll file and click the download button. Verify the system’s architecture and version before proceeding. To start the download, select the button.

Step 3: Make use of this manual to set up your PC with the LogiLDA.dll correctly.

Method 2. Remove Logitech Download Assistant From Startup

Disabling the Logitech Download Assistant at boot time is an alternative solution to this problem. Remember that after attempting this method, you will have to actively seek out updated Logitech drivers and software.

Step 1: If you right-click a blank area of your taskbar, you can access the computer’s task management system.

Step 2: If the Task Manager opens in a stripped-down view, you can reveal additional information by selecting the “Mode details” option.

Step 3: Go to the Startup menu. Select “Disable” from the menu that appears when you right-click the Logitech Download Assistant.

Step 4: The best way to see if the error has been fixed is to restart your computer.

Method 3. Make a Registry Edit

If the problem persists even after you have prevented the Logitech Download Assistant from starting with the computer, you may need to erase the appropriate key from the Registry. Here are the measures you should take to do this.

Step 1: Select the magnifying glass icon in the taskbar to activate the search function. Use the Windows key plus the letter S to open it up quickly.

Step 2: Just use the search bar to look up “regedit” or “Registry Editor,” and then open the result.

Step 3: To access the following Registry key, either use the Navigation pane to select it or type its path into the address bar and press Enter.


Step 4: To remove Logitech Download Assistant, right-click it and choose “Delete” from the menu. In doing so, the corresponding Registry key will be deleted.

Step 5: When prompted, select Yes on the popup window. Verify that the.dll error reappears after a system reboot.


When utilizing Logitech products on a Windows PC, you may encounter the LogiLDA.dll problem messages. It might be anything, from a mouse and keyboard to a webcam and microphone. When an error occurs, it typically appears as “there was a problem starting c windows system32 logilda dll’.

There was a problem locating the required component, “or a variant that is very similar. There may not be a concrete answer as to what triggers LogiLDA.dll, however educated suggestions can be made.

Common causes include problems with a Logitech software, Windows updates, and the accidental deletion of important files. However, this post will explain certain techniques to get rid of this troublesome problem once and for all, no matter the cause.


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