How To “Show Windows Button on Chromebook”

Show Windows Button on Chromebook

Keyboard shortcuts unique to Chromebooks are highlighted; these are not present on standard PC or Mac keyboards. Chromebooks have a unique shortcut for displaying windows.

Chromebooks now use a modified keyboard from Google that deviates slightly from the standard layout of desktop computers. As an example, the F5 key on a regular keyboard has been replaced by the new show windows key.

The purpose and nature of the display windows key will become clear in the following section.

Show Windows Button on Chromebook

What Is the Show Windows Button on Chromebook?

Chromebooks feature a superior user experience and are capable of running the Chrome operating system compared to other work devices and desktops. Chrome’s keyboard differs from those of other products in terms of both the keys it uses and the way they’re laid out.

On a Chromebook, pressing the show windows key will display a list of all currently open windows and applications. A bar will appear at the top of the screen to show the many virtual desktops you have access to.

What Does the Show Windows Button on Chromebook Look Like?

The Show Windows button may be found in the center of your Chromebook’s top row of keys. It’s the sixth button from the left on many Chromebooks. It takes the form of a narrow rectangle with two parallel vertical lines on its right edge.

A common blunder is mistaking the Show Windows button (typically to the left of the menu bar) for the Fullscreen button. A square with two arrows inside represents the Full Screen option. The proximity of the two buttons makes it simple to confuse them.

What Does the Show Windows Button on Chromebook Do?

There are two main functions served by the Show Windows button. The first is its principal function; it displays an overview of all currently active windows on your Chromebook. Modern Chromebooks can run Android apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, so they’re useful for a lot more than just browsing the web.

Therefore, it is possible to simultaneously run multiple programs. A convenient way to move between running programs is to use the Show Windows button, which will expand the view to reveal all of the windows currently visible.

Where Is The Show Windows Button On A Chromebook ?

On the primary row of keys on every Chromebook, you’ll find a show windows button. Specifically, it’s between the “Dim” and “Fullscreen” options. For illustration purposes, see the picture below.

Check out Google’s Chromebook Simulator if you’re curious about the keyboard or Chrome OS in general. If it’s different on your Chromebook, you can always find the setting by looking for this icon, which is standard across all Chromebooks.

It’s possible the key was moved by the manufacturer after you bought the keyboard, but that’s quite improbable.


To the right of the “Show Windows Key On A Chromebook” key is a rectangle with two vertical lines. Find it on your Chromebook’s top row of keys, between the full-screen and brightness down arrows.

Sometimes referred to as the Windows Switcher, Overview, or Launcher key, this shortcut also functions as F5 or Refresh. Learn how to make the most of your Chromebook’s Show Windows key with this comprehensive guide.


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