How To Get Rid of Activate Windows

How To Get Rid of Activate Windows

Everyone has been there, whether they bought a copy of Windows or used a hack to get it for free. Unfortunately, many people’s interactions with computers have been tarnished by the infamous “Activate Windows” watermark.

It could get in the way, humiliate you if you try to record your screen, and divert your attention from the movie or game you’re enjoying. In this article, we will demonstrate how to get rid of activate windows.

How To Get Rid of Activate Windows

What Is the “Activate Windows” Watermark?

Like any other business, Microsoft takes a dim view of its products being stolen, misused, and redistributed without payment. Microsoft has implemented a watermark in the system’s upper-right hand corner unless the user has legally activated Windows 10 in an effort to reduce the prevalence of illegal downloads of the operating system.

Seeing as the watermark doesn’t interfere too much, this may not look like a big deal. It overlays every single open window, app, and even your mouse pointer. Despite the fact that this isn’t a particularly innovative approach to combating piracy, it was nevertheless enough to motivate you to come here in search of a solution.

But don’t worry; we have prepared some strategies to assist people who do not wish to spend money removing the watermark, in addition to telling you the obvious remedy. To be clear, most of these solutions only hide the “Activate Windows” watermark but don’t truly activate your PC.

You still won’t be able to remove restrictions like being unable to make any changes to your computer. Now that we have that settled, we can get to work removing the “Activate Windows” watermark from your Windows 10 installation.

How To Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark

Let’s take a look at how to get rid of activate windows watermark at the bottom of your screen.

Method 1: Using Product Key

When a user buys a legitimate copy of Windows, they receive a product key that can be used to reinstall the operating system on another computer. A valid product key is required to activate Windows using the Control Panel.

Step 1: You should first go to “Settings” (you can get there by pressing Windows + I) and then select “Update & security,” as indicated in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Select “Activation” and then “Change product key,” as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Dialogue box will pop up. Select “Next” after entering the product key.

Once you’ve located Windows 10 and installed it on your device, restarting will remove the Activate Windows Watermark message.

Method 2: Using Ease of Access

The Ease of Access center is a Windows feature that enables the user to make accessibility modifications to the operating system.

However, the feature is inaccessible unless the user already possesses the necessary background information. To learn how to get rid of the Activate Windows watermark, please read the instructions below.

Step 1: Type “Ease of Access Center” into the search bar or open Settings by pressing “Windows+I” on the keyboard.

Step 2: A dialogue window will pop up. To make the computer more legible, select the corresponding option.

Step 3: Click the “Remove background images (where available)” checkbox, then “Apply,” and finally “OK.”

If you follow the procedures above, the Windows Activation Watermark will no longer appear.

Method 3: Disabling Windows 10 Tips

Turning off system suggestions in Windows 10 will prevent this issue from occurring. Turning off Windows 10’s helpful hints is as easy as following the steps below.

Step 1: First, you can access this window by going to the Start menu and typing “Windows + I,” which will bring up a window similar to the one shown in the image below. Pick the “System” option.

Step 2: Follow the steps in the image below to disable the slider labeled “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” and the one below it in Step 2: “Notification & action.”

To resolve this issue, the system will now disable the Windows hints and suggestions.

Method 4: Using Script

It is possible to ignore this warning if you create a script, save it as a batch file, and then run it with the Administrator privileges. To complete this activity, please refer to the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type “Notepad” into the search bar.

Step 2: Copy and paste the content displayed in the image below into the file.

Step 3: Exiting the Explorer application using the parameters

“@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

Step 4: Make sure to select “Active” when saving the file.

Step 5: Filename.bat, then click the “All Files” button,

Step 6: Find the file you want to run as an administrator, then right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator.”

Simply restarting your computer will remove the Activate Windows watermark.


This post will show you how to get rid of the Active Windows watermark on your computer without a product key license until you activate the product license key. Remove the watermark from your work by activating the license key or purchasing a digital organization license.

If you find an image with a watermark like the one below and wish to have it removed, what would you do? In such case, you’ll want to read this article. Take out the desktop watermark with your tool.


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