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How To
How To

Obtaining Free Xbox Live Codes can be difficult, but not with us. Xbox, as we all know, is a hugely popular video Game franchise that has quickly risen to second position in the market. Microsoft created this electronic Game console in 2001, and it is led by Phil Spencer. In the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations, it released three consoles.

As of May 2006, the first Xbox console had sold over 24 million units. Xbox debuted its second platform, the Xbox 360, in 2005, and as of April 2013, it had sold over 77.2 million units worldwide.

How To
How To

In North America, the latest Xbox console, the Xbox One, was introduced on November 22, 2013, as the replacement to the Xbox 360. Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii have always been stiff competitors for Xbox, but the company has consistently made money from their platforms.

What Is Xbox Live and How Does It Work

Xbox Live is an online service that includes the Xbox Live Marketplace, an online virtual market where users may buy and download Games and other forms of content. It has a global user base of approximately 40 million people. However, Xbox Live Codes are required to purchase items from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Xbox Gift Cards are essential to your enjoyment and satisfaction. It contains Xbox Live Codes that grant you access to all of Xbox Live’s top paid applications. These gift cards come in denominations of $10, $15, $25, and $50. These Xbox Gift Cards are available for purchase on the official Xbox websites.

You can also use Xbox Live Codes to access and download Xbox apps such as Xbox Games, Xbox videos, and Xbox movies, as well as update them.

What Benefits Does Xbox Live Gold Membership Provide

Xbox Live Gold is a premium subscription service. However, you can acquire it for Free using the ways listed below. You’ll get a Free Xbox Live Gold membership with the Free Xbox Live Codes you earn. And it’s well worth the effort. You become mighty with Xbox Gold.

1. You may play online multiplayer with your friends and other Gamers from all around the world for the most pleasure. You’ll have the best time, whether you’re playing cooperatively or competitively.

2. Every month, you’ll receive a free Game. Yes, you read that correctly. For a full year of membership, you can gain up to $700 in free Games.

3. You get exclusive discounts on all of your favourite Xbox Games. Save 50-75 percent on your favourite Xbox Games with a gold membership.

4. Create your own gaming community. You can also use the Party system if you have a Gold membership. This means you may play with your friends online and strategize using the audio chat feature. Isn’t that fantastic?

As a result, every Gamer should know how to obtain Free Xbox Live Codes, and here are seven easy ways to do it.

 1. Sign Up For a Microsoft Live Account 

To receive Free Xbox Live Codes, follow these instructions and create a Microsoft Live Account.

Step 1. Create a new Xbox account as well as a Microsoft Live account. Go to the Subscriptions page and select Gold Membership – One Month Free Trial from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Link your account to a credit card. Please provide the proper credit card information. Before the paid subscription begins, you can opt out of the service after the free trial has ended. Check the boxes to start your free trial. Remember that you can only use the Xbox Live Gold Membership offer once.

2. Bing Rewards 

Bing is a search engine for the internet. For Free Xbox Live gold membership codes, sign up on Bing.

You can now gain credits by searching on Bing on a regular basis. You will receive 100 Microsoft points after these credits have reached 120-130. However, there is a limit to how many credits you can earn per day, which is 13.

3. Giveaways on Reddit

Another site where you may receive Free Xbox Live Codes is Reddit. However, because they are few, you must seek for legitimate Get Free Xbox Live Codes or you will wind up with invalid Xbox gold codes. Never give out your code to a third party. The websites listed below will assist you in obtaining Free Xbox Live Codes.

 4. Giveaways on YouTube

You may get Free Xbox Live Codes by watching videos on YouTube. Popular YouTube Channels and Tech Reviewers such as MKBHD and UnboxTherapy frequently host giveaways and contests for their subscribers.

Xbox Live memberships, gift cards, and a variety of other items are available. For example, the Dutch website offers Free Xbox Live Codes in exchange for user email addresses.

5. PointPrizes

PointPrizes is a website where you may earn points by viewing videos, filling out questionnaires, providing feedback, joining up for newsletters, and other simple things. After earning these points, you can use their website to redeem Free Xbox Live Codes or Memberships. The website is trustworthy and genuine. So don’t be concerned.

6. Competitions and Contests 

There are various contests, competitions, and promos available on the Xbox 360 dashboard. To participate, you must first download Gamerpic.

After you’ve downloaded Gamerpic, participate the contests, perform some promotional work, and you’ll be able to use the Xbox Live Code generator provided by the developers. All you need is a little bit of patience.

 7. Sign Up For a Free Trial of Xbox Live Gold

You can use your Gold trial subscription immediately if you have an Xbox Live account and haven’t done so yet. Your trial is activated after you provide your credit card information and some personal information.

However, once your trial period has ended, make sure you opt out of the programme. If you’ve already utilised your gold trial membership, you can receive Free Xbox Live Codes through other means.

 8. Get a Free Xbox Live Trial with Games

Some Xbox titles, such as FIFA, NHL, and Halo, include a Free Xbox Live Codes Trial for a limited time. You may obtain Free Xbox Live Trial tickets for a number of Games that run anywhere from 48 hours to a month, depending on the promotion.


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